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Unique-Shaped Paper Lanterns

Our origami paper light shades will transform your ordinary party décor into something extraordinary. These geometrically shaped, handcrafted folding paper lantern shades will mesmerize and delight your guests and you’ll be loaded with compliments. As the name suggests, these amazing paper lampshades feature origami-style folds to create breathtaking masterpieces. These aren’t just ordinary paper lamp shades, but rather unique paper sculptures.

You’ll discover various interesting shapes such as layered squares, teardrops, walnuts, marquise, cubes, trapezoids, round geometric and cylinders. Each one is made from thick cardboard and are easily assembled and hung with included step-by-step instructions.

Even better, these stunning origami paper lanterns can be illuminated from inside with our light cord kits or remote control, battery-operated LED lights to produce warm, glowing light for classy party decorations and for formal settings such as fundraisers, silent auctions and weddings. These delicate paper lampshades also make great artistic touches for any room in the home.