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Square Shaped Paper Lanterns

While they aren't seen as often as their round counterparts, square box paper lanterns are just as beautiful. Shop the wide selection of square lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store to find great quality at low prices. These lanterns are lovely when used as decorations in a home, at a business or at an event, party or wedding. Their delicacy adds a beautiful element to any décor. Place them on a tabletop or hang them using lamp cords.

The square-shaped paper lanterns available from the Paper Lantern Store measure ten inches on each side and are made from premium materials. Lightweight bamboo ribbings are covered in stretched rice paper to create a beautiful and delicate light-permeable box. In order to accommodate decorations for a variety of different events and parties, these paper lanterns come in several different colors. Stay neutral with white or brown or go bold with red, pink, fuchsia, dark purple, yellow, orange, light lime or turquoise. Order yours today for next-day order fulfillment and assistance from our courteous customer service staff.


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