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Flameless LED Candles

Unlike traditional candles, flameless candles remain cool to the touch meaning you can leave them burning even in the company of children and pets. They're soot-free, fume-free and don't drip wax which eliminates the hassle of messy cleanup. To help make flameless candles as authentic looking as possible, we have styles that have faux ?wax? drippings down the sides. Our assortment includes battery-operated tea lights, floating candles, remote controlled candles, changing color candles and more. Not just for indoor, flameless candles can be used to illuminate your outdoor space. Our durable, outdoor designs have a convenient timer that lets you set how long you want your candle to ?burn? (from 4 to 8 hours) so you can light it and forget about it. In addition, they are operated by a wireless remote control, giving you the flexibility to turn it on and off, adjust the brightness and choose from a flicker or solid color mode from afar. If you like to decorate your home with different colored candles, our 12-color flameless LED candles are ideal for you. With a click of your remote control, you can choose from 12 different color options! Browse our selection today to find the flameless candles that fit your needs and match your home's Décor.


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