Traditional Chinese Paper Lanterns w/ Tassels

They were used by Buddhist monks and during the Lantern Festival, which was at the end of the Chinese New Year Festival. Red is a very common color for traditional Chinese lanterns, and the classic style includes gold trim and yellow tassels. You’ll find a selection of different sizes, from 8 inches to 30 inches. We also have traditional Chinese lanterns in yellow, orange and white royal wedding styles.
You’ll also find red Chinese honeycomb lanterns and traditional Chinese New Year paper lanterns in bulk quantities. Our Chinese paper lantern string light combo kits include string lights and assorted lanterns. You’ll have everything you need to create festive lighting for your special event. These lights are known as Chinese New Year lanterns, as they’ll forever be associated with the ancient festivals around that time. However, they’re also perfect for parties, backyard gatherings, home or office décor and of course any Asian-themed event. They’ll immediately change the atmosphere of the room, creating an exotic environment.
Traditional Chinese nylon lanterns with tassels are also available. At PaperLanternStore, we offer these beautiful lanterns for a low price and with fast shipping.


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