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Honeycomb Balls

Honeycomb tissue paper ball lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store give off a fun, whimsical and almost child-like feel when used as an event decoration. They would make the perfect birthday party, school dance or even wedding decoration, if your theme is whimsical. Hang these balls of honeycombed tissue paper from your ceiling indoors or trees outdoors to create the illusion of colorful floating orbs at your celebration.

Choose from 8-inch or 12-inch honeycomb tissue paper ball lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store. Get several of each size to create a varied, less uniform look. Each of these tissue paper ball lanterns comes in a pack of three and is available in several different colors. Pick from shades of white, pink, red, green, purple and blue. Order one or two colors to stick to a décor color scheme or order several different colors to add to the fun and bright nature of these whimsical honeycomb lanterns. These tissue paper balls ship flat to protect their shape, but are easy to fan out and secure before hanging.


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