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Mardi Gras / Carnaval Decor

It is known as "Carnaval" in the Netherlands, Columbia, and other places, and represents Brazil's most popular holiday. The occasion is obviously incomplete without Mardi Gras lights, decorations, and more, and you can find it all here at Paper Lantern Store. Our collection of Mardi Gras lighting is second to none. Check our Paper Lantern Lights for every conceivable color, shape, style, and size that will blend perfectly with your décor. Look also at all our Accessories for more items to complement. Mardi Gras is called Fat Tuesday because rich, fatty foods are served before the Lenten fasting. That means you will need table decor for sure featuring Fat Tuesday. This will include party supplies and hanging decorations in all the right colors, as well as Drinkware and Paper Straws, Pom Poms, Paper Parasols, Fans, and more. Be sure to also check Holiday Themed Lights or Shop by Color. After seeing our complete Mardi Gras product line, you'll know DIY Carnival decorations will not be necessary! Order Paper Lantern Store for the best all-around prices and service.


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