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Hand Fans

As your browse our collection of fans, you'll be impressed with all the styles, shapes, sizes and colors we offer. You'll find fans made from silk, nylon, sandalwood, wood panel, feathers, lace, peacock cloth and paper. Beautifully made and affordable, our fans are extremely popular for weddings, parties, favor giveaways, and much more. They are all offered in numerous colors that will match any dress, party, or event. For casual gatherings, you'll find our pinwheel paper hand fans to be just right. Hosting a masquerade ball? Our marabou ostrich feathers match the mystery and drama of the evening. In addition to keeping you cool on sweltering days, there's something soothing about holding a fan, especially folding it open and closed. Your guests will secretly practice their opening and closing technique long after they've taken their party favor home. Each time they use it on hot days, they'll think of you.


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