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Decorative Mason Jars

The humble Mason jar has come a long way from its original canning and preserving roots. For years now, brides and party planners have been relying on trusty Mason jars to create endless centerpieces and decorative accents. We’ve stocked our inventory with a plethora of jars, including wide and regular mouth jars, mercury, frosted and translucent jars as well as battery-powered LED Mason jar lights. We’ve also made certain to fill our collection with plenty of color choices to complement your color scheme. You have endless possibilities when it comes to decorating Mason jars for your wedding. Some of our favorites include filling them with wildflowers and hanging them on shepherd’s lantern hooks to line the length of your ceremony aisle; filling them with sand and seashells and adding a wax votive candle; and illuminating them once the sun sets with battery-powered LED lights or string lights. With a little bit of creativity, you can come up with all sorts of wow-worthy Mason jar ideas to add the perfect touch to your event.


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