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Classic Christmas String Lights

Join in the festivities by shopping our large assortment of string lights. Whether you like to go all out and fill your indoor and outdoor space with a colorful display of lights, or prefer to keep things simple, but elegant with a few white lights, we are your source for getting your space shiny and bright. Shop our eclectic assortment of polka dot, raspberry, strawberry, large ball, fairy, meteor light tubes, icicle lights and more. To create the illusion of falling snow or a meteor light show, try our battery-operated LED meteor rain lights or LED snowfall lights. They cascade elegantly when hung from the branches of trees or from front porches. For a vintage look and feel, you'll love our larger C7 and C9 lights. Shaped like a strawberry, they're faceted and come in a range of hues. To add sparkle to your centerpieces, try adding a few strings of fairy lights for a delicate glowing effect. Unlike string lights from years ago, our LED varieties are energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In addition, if one bulb blows out, the rest of the lights will stay lit. Now that's something to be merry about!


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