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7 Great Wedding Décor Ideas for Barns

  • 4 min read
Hosting your wedding in a barn is a charming, low-key way to add some serious ambiance to the event. From the exposed wooden beams to the lovely scent of hay to the indoor-outdoor feel throughout the space, there's good reason why barns are becoming such popular places to host weddings.

If you're planning a barn wedding, you may be considering different types of decorations from a more traditional wedding venue. Dress up those farm tables, add some sparkle to the rustic wood but still let the barn's charm shine through with these smart wedding décor ideas designed just for barns.

  • Add atmospheric lighting. While some barns are re-purposed for events such as weddings, others have more of an authentic look and feel. In this case, you'll need to add your own lighting in the form of string lights, lanterns and even the occasional lamp if you're hosting your wedding at night. We love the look of dangling fairy wire string lights for just a hint of twinkle during a daytime wedding, but at night, you might want to opt for something like cotton ball string lights or origami paper string lights for a brighter shine. If you love the look of vintage or retro wedding decorations, try out a set of Mason jar lights, Edison bulb lights or a set of vintage string lights to add some old-fashioned charm.

  • Cover the tables. With such a rustic backdrop, you could do with a bit of glam when it comes to the tables. Keep things feeling clean and chic with stark white tablecloths, or layer a pintuck chameleon tablecloth overlay on top in the color of your choice. If you want to go all out with the farm-style theme, you might also add burlap tablecloths or table runners to your tables, dressing them up with sparkling centerpieces, vintage glassware or a metallic tablecloth underneath.

  • Add an explosion of flowers. Flowers look especially gorgeous against the wooden backdrop of a barn, so don't be afraid to go a bit overboard with them. Fresh sunflowers, colorful roses and elegant lilies are beautiful when arranged in centerpieces or attached to the backs of chairs, and you can even make a small amount of flowers go a bit further by adding in filler like eucalyptus, ivy or other greens. If you prefer to go the silk flower route, there are a number of realistic, modern styles that make just as much of an impact as a fresh arrangement; add sweet pomander kissing balls to the tables and chairs, or create a centerpiece of silk roses in an antique milk jug or vintage silver vase.

  • Decorate with succulents. Succulent plants such as cacti and other drought-tolerant plants are having a big moment in the interior design world, and they look just as sweet when used in your wedding decorations. Whether you're looking for a non-traditional alternative to flowers or simply something to jazz up your floral arrangements, succulents look fun and unexpected on tabletops or mixed into bouquets at your wedding. While you can always invest in a few potted succulents from your local plant nursery if you prefer the real deal, you'll get the same impact from a faux succulent, but with far less hassle. Simply place a few in the center of your tables for a one-step centerpiece, or take them apart to use them as additions to the rest of your flowers.

  • Add honeycomb balls. Once you've worked out the lighting for your barn wedding, you may be looking for something else to draw guests' attention upward. Honeycomb balls are whimsical and affordable ways to add a splash of color or a bit of fun texture to the rafters of your wedding venue, and they come in so many customizable styles that you can easily incorporate them into any type of wedding.

  • Spell it out withmarquee lights.If you want to convey a message to your guests, there's no better way to do it than with marquee lights. These antique-inspired lights are ideal for barn weddings because they add a vintage touch, but they're also very practical if you need to label the dessert table or even show guests their table numbers. Arrange a few at the entrance to thank guests for coming, or use them to display the new couple's initials for a fun photo booth backdrop.

  • Incorporate flameless candles.While flickering candles look beautiful at any type of wedding, at a barn wedding, they may be a bit more trouble than they're worth. You don't want to have to worry about dozens of candles in a wooden barn while you're supposed to be enjoying your evening, so instead, take the worry away with flameless candles that are just as romantic as the real deal. Scatter them on the dining tables, add them to the cake table or just use them on the windowsills to create a bit of added ambiance.