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8 Lovely Fall Wedding Table Décor Ideas

  • 3 min read
Planning a fall wedding? Chances are, you already know how beautiful and scenic the autumn season is. With the changing leaves as your backdrop and the crisp, cool fall air adding some excitement to your day, there's no better time to plan a wedding.

Despite all of this natural beauty, however, you'll still need to add some additional decorations on your tabletops to create a festive feel and get your guests excited to celebrate your nuptials. Here are some lovely, on-trend wedding table décor ideas that are perfect for your fall wedding.
  • Tablecloths in Autumnal Hues. Every beautiful table needs a beautiful base, and that's the tablecloth. If you want to go all out with the fall feel at your wedding, choose a tablecloth in an autumn hue such as a deep, metallic gold, a rich, warm red or a natural taupe. Textured tablecloths add a luxurious feel to your tables, and if you want to combine colors, try layering two or three tablecloths in complementary colors.

  • Rustic Fall Fruits and Vegetables. You might not normally think of decorating with fruits and vegetables, but in the fall, dried, seasonal vegetables make truly beautiful additions to your tablescapes. Scatter dried gourds in different shapes, sizes and colors in the center of the tables, and then sprinkle in a few acorns and pinecones for a rustic look. Larger pumpkins make wonderful centerpieces, and half-shucked ears of corn spilling out of a basket also look wonderful on your fall wedding tables.

  • A Bouquet of Leaves. Instead of asking your florist to create traditional, flower-filled centerpieces and bouquets, incorporate dried fall leaves to your table centerpieces. These crunchy orange and red leaves add a perfectly autumnal flair to a centerpiece of red roses, sunflowers, marigolds or other fall-hued flowers.

  • Vintage-Inspired Lighting. Vintage-inspired Mason jar lightbulbs or Edison bulbs fit in perfectly with a fall-themed wedding. There's just something so timeless and elegant about this type of retro lighting, and it looks beautiful when it casts a dim, romantic glow across your tabletops. Fit an Edison bulb into a vintage lamp or add a glowing tea light candle to a Mason jar for an industrial-style alternative to the usual candle. You might also wind string lights around your tables or above the table, using cage-covered vintage light bulbs or miniature Edison bulbs in place of the usual round lightbulbs.

  • Marquee Letter Light Signs.Add a personalized touch to each dining table or a fun flair to the central buffet table with retro marquee lighted signs. These metal signs feature your choice of any letters, numbers or symbols, so you can create a display with the new couple's initials, a greeting for your guests or even the words "Fall" or "Autumn" to add even more to the theme. They also make wonderful backdrops for fall-themed wedding photo booths when you arrange them in a silly saying or the date of the wedding.

  • Gemstone Confetti. Even a rustic fall wedding deserves some glamorous details, so add some sparkle to your tables with gemstone confetti in neutral tones to balance out the rest of the autumn colors. Copper gemstones, gold gemstones and brown gemstones are realistic and high-quality, and they look beautiful when scattered throughout a fall-themed tablescape. These can also be used as a base for flowers in a clear glass vase or in a bowl underneath a floating candle.

  • Lace or Crochet Doilies. If you love the look of vintage or antique details in your wedding décor, you can't go wrong with lace or crochet doilies on the tables. You might like to stitch a number of these doilies together to create a unique, shabby chic tablecloth, or you can stitch just a few together to create a table runner on a wooden farm table or over top of a traditional tablecloth. You can't go wrong with white or cream doilies, but things get even more fun when you incorporate navy blue, rose or even black doilies. You might even add some vintage style to the cake table or the buffet with paper doilies in shades of white, gold or silver.

  • Metal Pail Buckets. Looking for a unique way to display a floral centerpiece or even create an ice bucket for champagne? Metal pail buckets have a distinctly autumnal feel that is reminiscent of farms or gardens, but they look truly charming when used in your wedding décor. Classic silver pail buckets can be customized with stickers or decals that display your wedding date, while colored pail buckets can easily fit into the rest of your wedding's color scheme. You might fill one with a bouquet of deep, red roses and pine cones tied with a burlap sash, or you might add an arrangement of gourds, miniature pumpkins, apples and corn husks decorated with organza ribbon and tiny acorns.