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BLOWOUT Purple LED Submersible Waterproof Flower Floral Tea Lights (12 PACK)

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These popular Floralytes LED Lights are the perfect addition to any Wedding reception, birthday party, holiday party, or gala. Simply twist the base of the units to turn them on and enjoy the ambience of the bright, virbrant color.

PaperLanternStore's floral centerpiece LED lights are also waterproof, battery powered, submersible, and reuseable making them a great fit for any number of occasions. Use them as LED tealights or you can light up vases, bowls, flower pots, or any other water-filled container by dropping one of these flower shaped LED ligths inside. Each unit comes with 2x CR2032 batteries installed, which can also be replaced. These light base tea candles are fun, safe and a great alternative to boring centerpieces of parties past. See some of our other submersible lights if you're looking for other colors or even remote controlled color changing options.

Product Specifications:
Quantity: 12 Pack.
Burn Time: 48+ Hours.
Battery: 2x CR2032 batteries Included (Replaceable).
Dimensions: 1.125" diameter x 1" height.
Color: Purple.
Light Style: Solid Color (Non-flickering).
Shape: Flower Shape LED Light.


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