G Style Globe Bulb String Lights - G40 G50

Popular for parties, globe string lights also offer an excellent way to decorate homes and businesses. They add a bit of extra pizzazz to any environment. The Paper Lantern Store carries a huge assortment of G-Style G40 & G50 Globe Bulb String Lights. Whether you are looking for large globe string lights, G50 string lights in different colors or other types of round bulb string lights, you will find what you need to suit your space.
Pick from small or large string lights. We have them available in lengths running from 10 feet to 48 1/2 feet, so you can find exactly the right size to meet your needs. Pick clear or frosted string lights. To celebrate the Fourth of July or any other day honoring the U.S., check out our patriotic string lights in red, white and blue. On their own, these beautiful string lights will dazzle everyone.