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Round Paper Lanterns

With our huge selection of high-quality, decorative paper lanterns, we have the perfect way to light up your event or provide a splash of artistic beauty to your home or work environment. Adding round paper lanterns to a room immediately enhances the atmosphere. Our paper lanterns have bamboo reeds that are covered by white or natural colored rice paper. The light produced by these lanterns is luminous and edgeless, creating an exotic appearance in your home, office or venue. In feng shui design, paper lanterns are believed to introduce good chi to a room. Traditional gold or red Chinese paper lanterns are good luck symbols. Place paper lanterns along walkways for distinctive pathway lighting. Hang lanterns above a party or wedding venue for gentle lighting that won't interfere with photography. Choose from many different styles, such as ribbed paper lanterns, traditional Chinese paper lanterns, long-lasting nylon lanterns and energy efficient LED lanterns. There are paper lanterns with eyelet lace, glitter, metallic foil, lace, polka dots, chevron designs, sports themes and unique shapes. Paper Lantern Store is your paper lantern superstore with an enormous selection of premium lanterns at affordable prices, with the lights and cords you need to bring your artistic vision to life.