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How to Hang Bistro Lights

  • 2 min read
Bistros are a wonderful place for people to gather in a casual setting and share good food, drinks and conversation. Outdoor cafes, restaurants and patios just seem to gain an extra share of magic with the addition of a set of bistro lights. If you own or operate a bistro and want to improve its ambience, bistro lights are a wonderful way to step up your game a notch with a minimum of expense and hassle. These free tips from the Paper Lantern Store will show you How to Hang Bistro Lights easily and quickly.

The first thing you have to do, of course, is to decide where in your bistro you want to hang your lights. This will depend on the space and the effect you want to create. To begin, you will need some sturdy attachment points to anchor your bistro lights. These could be posts, ceilings or even trees if they are close by.

Once you have located your anchor points, think about the design and effect you'd like to have with your bistro lights. A simple string of glittering lights in a string can be remarkably effective in livening up a bistro. Of course, you may opt for a more daring design as well. For instance, zigzag designs offer great coverage and will make a splendid impression on customers.

Once you have decided on your design, use a tape measure to figure out how much length you will need when you purchase your light stringers. You will want to buy a little more length than you measured, of course, so you won't come up short when hanging your bistro lights. If one light string is insufficient to cover the length you have measured, be aware that many light strings can be connected end to end. In some cases, four or even five light strings can be connected to give you additional coverage.

When you have your light strings in hand, use screw eyes as anchor points at each end. You can attach your light strings to each anchor point on their own. Zip ties provide a strong, affordable and easy connection. For better support, and to prevent unsightly drooping and sagging, it's wise to use a guide wire that will run the proposed length of your light stringer. Select a sturdy wire, attach it to the end points and then attach your light string to the guide wire using either zip ties or the loops at the tops of the bulb sockets.