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String Lighting Style and Bulb Guide

  • 2 min read
String lights can add a special note to any party or gathering. They're popular for holiday celebrations like Halloween, Christmas and New Year's as well as for birthday bashes, wedding receptions and many other special occasions.

The soft, unobtrusive illumination string lights provide from the high spots where they are strung just seems to put everyone at their ease, while their sparkle and light can add a cheerful, lively accent to any location. Some people grow to love these lights so much, in fact, that they leave them up year-round on their patios, lanais, decks or wherever they originally placed them for a party. String lights are also perfect for many commercial uses, such as adding a lively touch to al fresco dining at bistros, restaurants and bars.

Are you wondering how string lights can beautify your home or business? Read on to get some basic tips on what's out there in the String Lighting Style and Bulb Guide from the Paper Lantern Store.

Thanks to modern technology, you will find a huge array of choices in string lighting. These include string lights with old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs, which many people prefer for the soft, natural light they offer. Two popular bulb styles for these include S14 bulbs and G40 bulbs, but you will see many others. The choice, of course, depends on your taste and situation.

LED string lights are a more recent arrival. These light-emitting diodes are incredibly energy efficient and boast extremely long lives. They are good for the environment as well as your wallet.

You may choose to decorate your space just with string lights. Choose from white or clear bulbs for a neutral tone or go with colored bulbs to liven up a space or celebrate a colorful holiday like the Fourth of July, Christmas or New Year's. You will find festive greens and reds as well as cool blues and yellows among the many color choices in light string bulbs. Can't decide? Maybe you should go for a multicolor light string, such as an RGB version that offers bulbs in red, green and blue.

Adding Chinese lanterns to light strings is an excellent way to enhance their beauty and make memories. When using paper lanterns, try looking for light strings with suspended sockets or wider spaces between sockets to more easily accommodate hanging paper lanterns.

Of course, if you will be placing your light string outside, you will want to make sure that it is waterproof. Most quality light strings are waterproof, but it pays to check. Some LED light strings are available with shatterproof LED bulbs, which can prevent unpleasant surprises.