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Illuminate Your Wedding Ceremony with these Great Tips

  • 4 min read
If you're having a nighttime wedding or just planning on your reception lasting long past sunset, you'll need to have some type of lighting to keep things bright. Rather than simply turning on the lights at your wedding venue, you should use your own lights in order to set a certain mood, keep your guests comfortable and go along with your wedding's theme. From romantic, whimsical string lights to rustic, antique-inspired Edison bulbs, there are all kinds of ways to incorporate lighting into your wedding décor in a truly chic and simple way.

Are you ready to illuminate your love at your wedding? Here are some of our favorite tips for brightening things up on the big day!
  • An Edison bulb chandelier. If you don't have a true chandelier over the dining table (or if you're looking to add some type of lighting for an outdoor venue), create your own with a tangle of hanging Edison bulbs displayed at varying lengths. Simply attach the cords of the bulbs to the rafters, a hook at the ceiling or even a tree if you're outdoors, and make sure that each bulb hangs at a different height for a cool, textured effect. Once they're turned on, it will create a new kind of centerpiece that your guests won't soon forget!

  • A May Pole of string lights. For a unique photo backdrop that will make your wedding pictures truly special, create a May Pole effect with some bulb-style string lights. Simply drive a pole into the ground (it doesn't have to be very large or sturdy, just enough to stand up), and then create strings of lights extending from the top of the pole into the ground in a teepee style. Stand underneath or in front of the pole for the perfect photos!

  • A wall of light at the altar. If you want to add lights to your ceremony as well, there's no easier way to create a truly special altar backdrop than by simply adding a wall of string lights. Buy a few net lights that do all of the work for you, and then attach them to an awning, a wire frame or an archway.

  • Fairy light tabletops. To illuminate the tabletops at your reception or draw particular attention to your wedding cake, you might incorporate some delicate and nearly invisible fairy string lights. Weave them through the floral arrangements, drape them across the tablecloths or even hide them underneath the doilies to add a touch of illumination that looks even more beautiful in photos.

  • Add light at even the most remote location. If you decide to get married on a farm, a beach or somewhere equally remote, you may be short on outlets and power sources. In that case, solar powered string lights are the perfect alternative to the usual light styles. Simply allow them to charge all day at the ceremony, and by the time your guests are heading to the reception, they'll light up the dance floor!

  • Paper lanterns as lighting and décor. Paper lanterns in a variety of styles and colors are perfect for just about any style of wedding décor, and Paper Lantern Store even carries a number of lanterns that are battery operated for added convenience. These lanterns look gorgeous when you hang them over your dining tables at an outdoor wedding, use them as décor inside of a wedding venue or even allow them to illuminate the altar with their soft, muted light.

  • Hanging Mason jar lights. Do you love the vintage look at a wedding? If so, no wedding is complete without a few Mason jars! Create a romantic, antique-inspired look over the dance floor or inside of an outdoor wedding tent by hanging Mason jars filled with pendant lights or fairy lights from the ceiling. There are a variety of different styles of Mason jar lights to choose from, and because they're so versatile, you can even reuse them once your wedding is over.

  • Decorate a tree - no matter the time of year. Even if it's not around the holidays, you can use a tree as a lighted centerpiece at your outdoor wedding. Simply drape the tree's branches with layers of string lights, and the wrap the trunk with even more lights from top to bottom.

  • Add chandeliers without the hefty price tag. If you love the look of glamorous chandeliers but don't have the budget to buy a few of your own, you can mimic the look with your own DIY version. Simply buy a chandelier-style lantern that gives off a mysterious, ghostly look, or even wind string lights around a plastic or metal chandelier form to create a more traditional chandelier look.

  • Get the message across with a marquee. Whether you want to display your new initials, a message of love or a thank-you for your guests as they leave the wedding, it's always more fun to do it in the form of a marquee!