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20 Beautiful Outdoor Fall Wedding Décor Ideas

  • 4 min read
From the crisp chill in the air to the crackle of leaves under your feet, there are few seasons more romantic or exciting than the fall. If you're planning a fall wedding and hosting your ceremony or party outdoors, you'll already have a gorgeous natural backdrop - you just need to enhance it!

Here are 20 of our favorite outdoor fall wedding décor ideas.
  1. An apple picking theme. While almost every wedding revolves around the flowers, you might want to go in a different, more autumnal direction by using apples as your focal point. Add small apples to your floral bouquets and display them in rustic Mason jars, and even have a wooden barrel filled with water and floating apples (bobbing-for-apples style) to display the seating chart.

  2. Succulent Terrariums. Instead of the lush, fragrant blooms that come along with summertime, terrariums give off an earthy, rustic look that's perfect for the fall. Use artificial succulents if you don't have a green thumb, or add gold-edged terrariums filled with live succulents if you want something more realistic.

  3. Fall-themed cocktails. It's becoming more and more popular for engaged couples to choose a couple of "signature drinks" to serve at the reception rather than a full bar. If you choose to go this route, you can stick with your fall theme by choosing warming beverages like a Hot Toddy or an Old Fashioned to keep your guests feeling cozy.

  4. Incorporate fall fabrics. For your bridal party, keep them protected from the fall chill with lush fabrics like velvet, fur and suede. You might even have your bridesmaids wear cozy sweaters over their dresses for a quirky look!

  5. Rustic wreaths. Instead of decorating the aisle with bouquets, do something more autumnal with deep-hued wreaths. Roses in deep red, antique gold or dark navy look especially beautiful for fall, and they're easy to wind around a wreath form. Add a touch of greenery with eucalyptus and finish it off with a burlap ribbon.

  6. Flower crowns. For an even more ethereal fall wedding, create flower crowns for all of your bridesmaids or just your flower girl. These are simple to make with floral wire as a crown or even a store-bought headband covered in fresh flowers.

  7. Edison bulb string lights. If you're going for an antique-inspired look, swap out the usual bulb string lights with vintage Edison bulbs or string lights with rustic metal shades over each bulb.

  8. Decorate with hay bales. Short on seating? Hay bales are a charming and affordable alternative to renting or buying more chairs. They also make great props for a photo booth backdrop.

  9. Fall bounty centerpieces. Instead of filling your centerpieces with just flowers, fill a glass jar with farmer's market items like small gourds, pears, hanging grape bushels and fragrant bundles of herbs.

  10. Outdoor fireplaces. Invest in a few outdoor fire pits or chimineas to keep guests warm and cozy while they mingle with one another.

  11. A dessert table. Everyone's favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the huge assortment of pies, so stick to a tight wedding budget by asking close friends and family members to each bring their own favorite fall dessert in lieu of a traditional wedding cake. Arrange the desserts on a designated dessert table with vintage cake stands, lace doiliesand chalkboard signs displaying who made each dessert.

  12. Fall snacks. Keep guests happy before the ceremony or prior to dinner with some warm apple cider and a donut to munch on.

  13. Foraged stationery décor. Add a touch of whimsy and a festive fall feel to your programs, place cards or seating arrangements by heading out into the forest and clipping off a piece of evergreen or a yellowed leaf. Attach these foraged decorations with some bakers twine or ribbon.

  14. Printed paper lanterns. Paper lanterns aren't just for the summertime! Paper Lantern Store carries all kinds of romantic lanterns that would be perfect for a fall affair. Our artisan print paper lanterns have a vintage feel that's ideal for an outdoor autumn wedding, while classic white paper lanterns are chic and timeless enough to go with any décor style.

  15. Serve foods in seasonal gourds. Serve things like soups, side dishes or even desserts in mini pumpkins or gourds with the tops cut off.

  16. Pinecone décor. Looking for an authentic and affordable addition to your fall wedding décor? Forage for fresh pinecones and then string them from the altar, use them in your floral arrangements and even scatter them down the aisle for a true fall feel.

  17. Dark, muted tabletops. Keep your tabletop colors on theme with your fall wedding by choosing tablecloths, runners, placemats and napkins in shades like rich, dark red, navy blue, forest green or antique cream.

  18. Pail bucket gift bags. If you plan on giving out gift bags for your guests or your bridal party, you might give them in a metal bucket rather than a traditional back to stay on theme. Fill your gift bags with fall-themed items like hot chocolate packets, mulled wine, customized mugs or homemade fall treats.

  19. A s'mores station. If you have a fireplace or an outdoor fire structure at your wedding, guests will love toasting marshmallows to make s'mores. Set up a full s'mores station using paper treat bags filled with all of the s'mores essentials - a graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallows and napkins for when things get messy!

  20. Blanket displays. If you're worried about guests starting to get cold once the sun sets at your fall wedding, create a few blanket displays where guests can grab a blanket to cozy up with while they socialize. You might start to collect vintage blankets to display in antique suitcases, or even have your own blankets custom embroidered with your new monogram just for the wedding. Make things even cozier by setting out floor pillows or poufs where guests can relax and kids can play.