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10 Hanging Wedding Décor Ideas

  • 3 min read
Whether you're planning a wedding indoors in a traditional venue or outside in a field or barn, you'll want to make sure that your decorations are on point and suited for the space. While you're likely thinking of the seating, the flowers and the tabletop decorations for your big event, have you ever considered looking up?

Hanging wedding décor is a chic way to extend your wedding's theme from floor to ceiling - or the treetops, if you're hosting your nuptials outdoors. Here are a few chic, beautiful hanging wedding décor ideas that will suit any wedding and any couple's personal style.
  • Paper Lanterns. Outdoors or in, paper lanterns always add a touch of whimsy and charm to any space. Hang them from beams in a barn wedding, attach them to the rafters in a banquet hall or even string them from the trees or a tent if you're hosting your wedding outside. You might also mix and match colors and patterns on your paper lanterns, as these affordable decorations come in a wide variety of styles.

  • String Lights. String lights are wonderful additions to any wedding because not only do they add charm and style, they also offer illumination on the dance floor, over the dining tables or in an otherwise dark corner. Traditional string lights with glass bulbs, Edison bulbs or shaded, covered bulbs are ideal for either indoors or outside on a patio or lawn, while paper lantern string lights offer some color to coordinate with your theme. If you're looking for something a bit more delicate, you'll also find fairy wire lights, which don't have glass bulbs and offer just a touch of light along a delicate wire. If you're worried about plugging string lights in in an area without electricity to spare, don't fret - you can even use solar powered string lights or battery powered string lights for your outdoor wedding.

  • Parasols or Umbrellas. If you're looking for a way to add a unique flair to your wedding reception or bring some drama to the aisle of your ceremony, try forgoing the usual flowers and hang a series of colorful parasols or umbrellas instead. Arrange these retro objects so that they're overlapping one another, creating a gorgeous overlay for the dance floor, the aisle of a church or even a designated wedding area outdoors.

  • Mason Jars. Many couples think of using Mason jars as tabletop decorations in their wedding, but what about thinking bigger with these vintage glass jars? Fill Mason jars with small tea lights and hang them from sturdy beams or branches to create beautiful and romantic lighting for a rustic wedding. Try stringing them all in a neat row to line the aisle, or hang them higher at alternating heights to cover the dance floor or a buffet table.

  • Vintage Doilies. If you're getting married outdoors in the daytime, create a bit of shade for your guests while also casting intricate shadows with a canopy of lace or crocheted doilies. Create a thin canopy by attaching the doilies together side by side, and then hang them from tent poles or tree branches for a unique covering at an outdoor wedding. You might also use doilies indoors by hanging them vertically from the ceiling.

  • Crepe Paper Streamers. While some types of paper streamers may make you think of childhood birthday parties, there are modern, elevated ways to use this classic decoration for a wedding. Chic, updated streamers in shades of blush, black or olive green make it easy to coordinate with the rest of your color scheme, and interlacing them over a bare area at your wedding creates a stunning display that's a world away from the drooping decorations at a child's birthday celebration. You could also create your own banner by tying streamers vertically to a sturdy cord or thread, and then hanging a series of these from the walls or ceiling.

  • Balloons. There's just something so fun and old-fashioned about colorful, floating balloons, and you can't go wrong with a whole group of them hanging at your wedding reception. Hang a net full of balloons across the ceiling and let them fall as the wedding party takes the dance floor, or simply inflate them and let them hang from the ceiling in alternating shades of your signature colors. If you want to get fancy, you could fill your balloons with confetti or rose petals, or even have them customized with your names, the date and the location for a fun keepsake that your guests can take home with them.

  • Disco Mirror Balls. Are you the type of couple who cares most about having fun on your big day? Then add some seriously festive flair to the dance floor with a disco mirror ball - or two!