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Paper Umbrellas

Paper UmbrellasAn exclusive collection of parasols at Paper Lantern Store will leave you with no choice other than choosing one for sure. Representing wealth and prosperity, these are generally crafted using paper and bamboo or nylon and bamboo.

With the concept of fusion marriage becoming common, parasols are also used as a popular bridal accessory. Beautiful and attractive designs will make you fall in love with these parasols. Choose from one of our lovely scallop parasol, pattern parasol, or your traditional round parasols.

Apart from decorating a place, parasols are also used as an alternative protection from hot weather instead of using hats or other head coverings. These can be easily hold into hands to protect yourself from scorching heat of the sun as well as looking traditionally modern.

Solid Color Paper Parasols in Assorted Sizes
Solid Color Scalloped Shaped Parasols
Patterned Paper Parasols
Chevron Pattern Paper Parasols
Polka Dot Pattern Paper Parasols
Twist Paper Parasols
Solid Color Square Shaped Parasols
Solid Color Thailand Paper Parasols
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