Solid Color Scalloped Shaped Parasols Umbrellas

In ancient China, parasols represented wealth and royalty. Thanks to the Paper Lantern Store, you don't have to be rich or have royal blood to sport one of our pretty parasols. We carry a big variety of Solid-Color Scallop-Shaped Parasols/Paper Umbrellas. Made of paper and bamboo, these parasols are inexpensive but boast superior quality. They work great for their original purpose of shielding you from the sun, but they also are ideal for decoration and even as party favors.
We carry these parasols in many beautiful colors including white, pink, lime green and many more. The light that comes through the sheer paper of these parasols makes them practically glow. Use them for decorating virtually any event, such as dances, tea parties, birthday bashes, wedding receptions, baby showers and more. Hang them upside down over tables or elsewhere for colorful, interesting accents. Although not intended for rain, this is a solid umbrella to use for protection from the sun or just as a fashion accessory. Measuring 22 1/2 inches from top to bottom, these parasols have a diameter of 32 inches - just the right size for adults.