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10 Suspended Socket Outdoor Commercial String Light Set, 21 FT White Cord w/ 2-Watt Shatterproof LED Bulbs, Weatherproof SJTW

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10 Socket Commercial Outdoor String Light Kit w/ S14 Bulbs (21FT, Expandable, White)

Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, an outdoor party or some other function, the 10 Suspended Socket Outdoor Light Set with 21' White Cord from the Paper Lantern Store will add notes of grace and subtle beauty to your event. Made of premium commercial materials, these Shatterproof LED lights are also suitable for permanent installation at a home or business. String them above a dining terrace, on the landscaping, from the ceiling or practically anywhere else inside or outside. They will add festive fun to any space.

Custom designed for us, this beautiful light set features spaces between the bulb sockets that are larger than normal. That means you can hang paper lanterns up to 20 inches from this light string to create an even more beautiful effect.

If you want to cover more space, no problem. Using the included 1.6-watt bulbs, you can connect up to 25x of these 21-foot light strings end to end.

Fantado Commercial Grade Quality

Our new high-quality outdoor string lights are made for looks and are made to survive the elements:

  • Conforms to SJTW standard - Round hard service cord. Thermoplastic constructed jacket. 300 volt, weather resistant for outdoor use.
  • PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
  • Extension socket has a weatherproof end-cap.
  • Each socket has its own secure hanging hook/hole.
  • 16 AWG - Thick Gauge Wire.
  • UL Listed for Canada and USA.

Product Specifications:

# of Sockets: 10
Socket Type/Size: Standard Medium E26 E27
Cord Length: 21FT
Spacing Between Sockets: 24"
On/Off Switch?: No
Drop Distance: 3" (To Bottom of Socket)
Cord Color: White
Suitable Environment: Indoor / Outdoor (Commercial Quality - Great For Permanent Installation)
Included Bulbs: 10x S14 Bulbs
Bulb Wattage: 10x 1.6-Watt- Low Watt Energy Saving (1200W Max)
Bulb Brightness: 121 Lumens
Color Temp: Warm White 2700K
Supported Bulb Types: Shatterproof LED
Power Connection: Plug-In
Expandable End-To-End?: Yes
End-To-End Connection Limit: Up to 25 Cords Total (when used with included 1.6W Bulbs)
Wiring Type: Parallel - Other bulbs stay lit if one goes out
Wire Gauge: 16 Gauge
WeatherProof?: Yes, Rain Resistant. PVC socket forms a tight weatherproof seal around the bulb.
Voltage: 120V
AMP: Please note these cords can be plugged end to end, but please do not exceed the recommend Amperage of the cord. To calculate amperage of the cord, please use the following formula:

Total Number of Bulbs x Bulb Wattage x 1.05 / 120 = Total AMPS


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