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Fantado MoonBright Remote Control For Color-Changing Paper Lantern Lights 8LEDRMT-RGB / OMNILEDRMT-RGB


Our U.S.A. patented Fantado MoonBright Paper Lantern Lights are designed to be the best solutions for your Paper Lanterns!

If you want the convenience, versatility and wonderful colors of our eight-LED color-changing battery-powered light for paper lanterns, you will also need a remote to operate one or more of these awesome lights. The MoonBright Remote for 8LEDRMT-RGB / OMNILEDRMT-RGB Paper Lantern Lights from the Paper Lantern Store will let you control your color-changing lights simply and reliably.

Inexpensive and easy to use, this handy remote control lets you choose which colors to use and allows you to operate your color-changing lights from up to 30 feet away. Create just the right mood by picking the exact hues for your event or location. Because this remote controls all terminals running on the same frequency, you only need one remote to operate many lights. To Operate, just point the remote control at the terminal and hit "ON" from the remote control.

Product Specifications:

Remote Range : Approx ~ 10 Feet
Remote Functions: On, Off, Slow Color Changing Mode, Fast Color Changing Mode, 6-Hour Timer, 7 specific color buttons
Available Colors:White Paper Lanterns, Red, Orange, Blue, Purple, Green, Yellow
Remote Control will come with 1x CR2025 cell battery.

*Exclusively Patented Design (US Patent No. D662.238S) - Please watch out for fakes and counterfeit Lantern Lights sold by others. These counterfeits are not bright and may not fit your paper lanterns correctly.