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Limited Edition Jack O' Lantern String Lights - 9.5 Foot, 10 Metal Pumpkin Lights for Halloween

Each boxed set of halloween string lights includes a 9.5-foot string of lights and 10 orange metal lanterns spaced 10 inches apart. Use these cute pumpkin lanterns as halloween deocrations or to enhance your fall decor. These high quality lights are sturdy & made to last season after season. Use string lights to decorate outdoor gathering places such as patios, wedding tents, porches & gazebos. The merry pumpkin faces make just the right festive accent lighting for Halloween parties.

Product Specifications

Length of Strand: 9 and 1/2 feet

# of Pumpkins: 10 Mesh Metal Jack O' Lanterns

Spacing of Lanterns: 10 Inches apart

Use?: Indoor and Dry Outdoor Use Only

Cord Color: White


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