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BLOWOUT Happy Holidays Party Paper Letter Garland Banner (10FT)

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Happy Holidays Everyone! Celebrate this Christmas Holiday in style with our exclusive Happy Holidays Party Red and Green Lettered Paper Pennant Banner decoration which includes 13 pre-strung letters. All you have to do is take this special banner out out of the packaging and it will be ready for hanging on ceilings and walls. They are double-sided printed so they are perfect to hang in middle of a ceiling or suspended at an angle so you and your guest can view the design from both sides. Made of sturdy card stock, PaperLanternStore's banners will last for many home or office parties, dinners, and events.

Banners have been popular and trending for parties, weddings, indoor and outdoor decoration for a period of time now. These great decorations are here to stay and will make a great decorating item for any occasion.

Product Specifications:
Letter Count: 13.
Letter Dimensions: Each Letter is about 7" Wide x 6.75" Tall.
Letter Color: Silver.
Overall Length: About 11 Feet long.


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