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7 FT | 20 LED Weatherproof Battery Operated Copper Wire Blue Fairy String Lights With Timer

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PaperLanternStore's newly redesigned Blue LED micro fairy wire Weatherproof lights are now 100% Weatherproof - including the battery pack! Perfect for all-weather events like Wedding receptions and holiday dinner parties, you can create the beautiful, whimsy atmosphere you are looking to achieve without worrying about the rain. These string lights are made of thin copper micro strand light wire and can bent into desired shapes like coils or balls, or they can simply take the shape of the vase or container you put them into. Being fully Weatherproof and powered by a Weatherproof battery pack, these are our most versatile lighting solutions for your outdoor event since you will not need to be close to a power outlet. Our Starry String Lights are ready out of the box and are perfectly safe to leave outside in the rain. Also great to light-up a dazzling centerpiece, layer behind sheer fabric, or simply hang our fairy lights above your guests.

Each string of blue LED lights is 7-feet long and is powered by a Weatherproof 3x AA battery pack. Batteries not included but may be purchased separately. These light-emitting diodes are an excellent way to set your celebration apart, especially when combined with our other decorations such as floating orbs, paper lanterns, colorful tablecloths, or flameless LED candles.

Product Specifications:

  • String: 7 Feet Copper Wire
  • Light Color: Blue
  • LED Bulbs: 20 Bright Micro LEDs
  • Power Source: Battery Pack (Weatherproof)
  • Battery: 3x AA (not included)
  • Timer: Auto Timer - 6 Hours On and 18 Hours Off
  • Distance between LEDs: 4 Inch
  • Features:

  • 100% Waterproof String Lights, Battery pack is also Weatherproof
  • High Quality thin flexible Copper Wire
  • Bright and High Quality long lasting LEDs stay cool and safe to touch
  • The Battery case has 3 mode Timer/On/Off
  • Suitable Environment: Indoor / Outdoor
  • There are our most versatile lighting solutions for your outdoor event since you will not need to be close to a power outlet
  • Perfect string lights for pool parties, outdoor illumination, costume decor or cosplay for Halloween, Christmas, Wedding, New Year Eve
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