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10"-12" Tissue Pom Poms

Bring the décor for your next party, event or celebration to the next level with a few sets of 12-inch tissue pom poms from the Paper Lantern Store. These pom poms provide your party with the whimsical look of a giant paper flower. They look great strung in a row like a garland, hung on single strings alone and placed on tabletops. If your party is being held indoors hang them from the ceiling or hang them in windows. Take the celebration outside by hanging them in trees or on porch railings. Make them look even better by pairing them with a set of string lights or a set of star, silk or paper lanterns.

The 12-inch tissue pom poms from the Paper Lantern Store are available in all of the colors of the rainbow. Create holiday-specific color combinations such as red, white and blue for Independence Day or choose blue or pink for your baby shower depending on the gender. Neutral colors such as beige, grey and black work well for a toned down palette. There are also three different shades of purple, three shades of green and a gold option. These pom poms couldn't be easier to assemble. Just remove them from the packaging and accordion fold the tissue paper sheets. Then use the provided twist ties to secure the tissue paper in the center. Fluff the tissue paper into a pom pom ball shape and it's ready to hang.

The Paper Lantern Store is here to help you take your ordinary party to an extraordinary level. We believe that the most important things in life are great experiences, memories and memorable connections. We strive to help you create all three of those things in each and every party, event, celebration and wedding that you throw. Our vast selection of party supplies, wedding decorations and event décor has been specially selected to make your celebration the best it can be. We also want to save you money in the process, so we guarantee our low prices. The superior quality of our products is ensured by regular inspections, as well.


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