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Decorative and Brightly Colored Hanging Paper Lanterns

Clustered of Hanging & Brightly Colored Paper Lanterns

Decorating for your nursery room is fun and it does not have to be expensive. We made this hanging clustered of decorative paper lanterns that you can use to decorate your nursery room or kid's bedroom. At the same time, this hanging chandelier paper lanterns can also be used for bridal showers, wedding reception, birthday parties and baby showers. However you want to use this clustered hanging paper lanterns, make sure to experiment with colors and sizes.

To make this decorative hanging paper lanterns, you need the following materials:
One (1) Bakers Twine
One (1) 8" Turquoise Accordion Ball
One (1) 8" Cool Mint Green Eyelet Paper Lantern
One (1) 8" Roseate Eyelet Paper Lantern
One (1) 8" Dark Purple Eyelet Paper Lantern
One (1) 8" Fuchsia Eyelet Paper Lantern


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