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Using Parasols for Outdoor Wedding Venues: An Elegant Touch to Your Special Day

  • 3 min read

Outdoor weddings offer a picturesque and natural setting for your special day, but they also come with unique challenges like unpredictable weather and the need for shade. Parasols are an elegant and practical solution that can enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor wedding while providing comfort for your guests. This guide explores the various uses of parasols in outdoor wedding venues, with insights and products from, a leading supplier of wedding decor items.


1. The Versatility of Parasols in Outdoor Weddings
Parasols are not only beautiful but also incredibly versatile. They can be used in numerous ways to add charm and functionality to your outdoor wedding:

Shade for Guests: Provide relief from the sun for your guests during the ceremony or reception. Place parasols at seating areas or distribute them to guests upon arrival.
Decorative Elements: Use parasols as part of your decor to create a whimsical and romantic atmosphere. They can be hung, placed in vases, or used as props for photo booths.
Bridal Accessories: Parasols make lovely bridal accessories, adding a vintage or bohemian touch to your ensemble. They also provide shade for the bride during sunny outdoor photo sessions.
Signage and Displays: Incorporate parasols into your signage, such as using them to mark entrances, display wedding programs, or highlight special areas like the guest book table.'

2. Selecting the Right Parasols
Choosing the right parasols for your wedding involves considering the theme, color scheme, and functionality. Here are some popular options available at

Paper Parasols: Lightweight and available in a variety of colors and patterns, paper parasols are perfect for adding a pop of color and elegance to your decor.
Lace Parasols: Ideal for vintage or romantic themes, lace parasols offer a delicate and sophisticated look.
Bamboo and Cotton Parasols: These are durable and provide excellent shade, making them a practical choice for sunny outdoor venues.

32 Inch Beige / Ivory Paper Parasol Umbrella, Scallop Blossom Shaped - - Discover.Decorate. Celebrate.

3. Creative Ways to Use Parasols
There are countless creative ways to incorporate parasols into your outdoor wedding:

Hanging Decor: Suspend parasols from trees, tents, or pergolas to create a stunning overhead display. This can add depth and visual interest to your venue.
Table Centerpieces: Use smaller parasols as part of your table decor. They can be placed in the center of tables, paired with flowers and candles, to create unique centerpieces.
Aisle Markers: Line the aisle with parasols, either open and standing upright or closed and arranged artistically. This not only looks beautiful but also guides guests to their seats.
Photo Props: Provide parasols for guests to use in photos. This adds a fun element to your wedding pictures and gives guests a practical souvenir to take home.

4. Practical Considerations
When planning to use parasols for your outdoor wedding, keep these practical tips in mind:

Weather Preparedness: Ensure you have enough parasols to accommodate sudden weather changes. They can provide shade on hot days and light rain protection if needed.
Storage and Accessibility: Have a designated area for storing extra parasols, and make them easily accessible to guests.
Durability: Choose high-quality parasols that can withstand outdoor conditions. Check for sturdy frames and durable materials, especially if your venue is prone to wind.

5. Enhancing the Guest Experience
Using parasols can significantly enhance your guests' experience at your outdoor wedding. Consider these additional tips to make the most of this elegant accessory:

Matching Fans: Pair parasols with matching hand fans for guests. This not only looks cohesive but also helps guests stay cool.
Parasol Stations: Set up parasol stations around your venue where guests can easily pick up or return parasols. Decorate these stations to match your wedding theme.