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Five Wedding Sequin Ideas That You Should Consider

  • 1 min read

There are several ways to make your wedding day look fancy while staying on the budget. One trick that we love so dearly is using sequins! It can make things glam, fab & classy all at the same time. Here's our list of top ideas for sequin wedding decorations.

1. Chevron Sequin Table Runners
Sequin Decorations Ideas

Photo By: Hunter Ryan Photo Simplicity at its finest. With the right wedding sequin table runner,the couple can create a glamorous wedding reception.

2. Sequin Table Cloth
Sequin Decorations Ideas

Photo By: Jessica Burke

With a fancy wedding sequin table cloth, remember to keep your table top decorations at minimum

3. Sequin Table Runner in Gold
Sequin Decorations Ideas

Photo By: Jenna Henderson

You have seen our chevron table runners at number 1. Here's our sequin table runner in gold. It shares the same beauty of our chevron table runners only it's plain and solid in color.

4. Sequin Wedding Backdrop
Sequin Decorations Ideas

Photo By: Karen Buckle Photography
Notice how the sequin wedding backdrop transformed the ordinary wall into an eye catching wedding decoration.

5. Sequin Wedding Aisle Runner
Sequin Decorations Ideas

Photo By: Aaron Young
What is fancier than walking on a sequin wedding aisle runner? This is glamorous and fabulous we probably wont be able to step on it!

Do you have any sequin wedding ideas that you can share? Comment below!