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How to Hang Paper Lanterns

  • 2 min read

How to Hang Paper Lanterns
Whether you're planning a big, elaborate gala or just want to add some charm to your outdoor space with stylish paper lanterns, it can be very helpful to know how to hang them. First thing's first: gather your supplies. To properly hang your lanterns, you'll need a few basics: hooks, scissors, a ladder, thread or fishing line and, if you want to add a built-in luminaire, an LED lantern light kit. We have everything you need to hang your paper lanterns at The Paper Lantern Store, including fishing line.

How to Hang Paper Lanterns Outdoors
You can bring a big pop of vibrant personality to any outdoor space by stringing up some paper lanterns from trees, fences, canopies and more. If you don't have an existing structure, you can create one with hanging wire or invisible nylon string to create a unique, floating appearance. String the wire through the top of the lantern opening and attach it to the wire via a hook or knot. This is a great way to add a luminous glow across a table, garden or pool without the need for extensive and costly wiring and light fixtures.

How to Hang Paper Lanterns from the Ceiling
To hang paper lanterns indoors from the ceiling, you'll want to first decide how much overhead room you're willing to take up with the lantern. In low-ceiling spaces, you can cut shorter pieces of wire so that guests don't bump into the lanterns. Attach hooks to the lantern or use a piece of tape, a paper clip and a hole punch to make your own. String the wire through the hook and attach it to the ceiling with tape.

How to Hang Paper Lanterns in a Wedding Tent
Depending on the ceiling in your wedding tent, the lantern-hanging process should be relatively simple. If your tent has a sloping ceiling, you'll want to follow the same method as used on ceilings, taking care to shorten the length of the wire as the ceiling slopes downward, by taping the wire to the ceiling. If your wedding tent has built-in support poles, you can simply tie the fishing wire around each one to secure it to the ceiling. Make sure not to tie too tight, as you'll have to make sure you're able to completely remove any wire and tape when the event is over.