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Decorating with Wedding Paper Lanterns

  • 2 min read
Decorating Your Wedding with Paper Lanterns

Looking for low-cost yet high-impact ceiling decorations for weddings? We've got two words for you: paper lanterns! These ultra-versatile, eye-catching hanging pieces can help tie together your unique wedding decor, whether you're going for rustic-chic or traditional-glam. But before you get started, you'll want to take in a number of considerations to ensure that you get the best possible result for your space, theme and budget. Decorate with paper lanterns to bring a brilliant flair and a soft glow to your special space.

Consideration No.1: Design

Before you shop for lanterns, you'll want to consider the various types available on the market. Popular round paper lanterns are by and large the most common, but you can also purchase star-shaped lanterns and styles modeled after bells, beehives, squares and even hot air balloons. You may also opt for paper chandeliers if you love the laminating glow of lighted lanterns but want to add a more decadent, formal feel. We also highly recommend Chinese lanterns for weddings with a more traditional feel. You can string lanterns above your wedding arch, dining tables, dancefloor or buffet for a unique way to dress up and distinguish various areas of the venue.

Consideration No. 2: Sizes

Paper lanterns come in an impressive assortment of sizes, from super-compact paper lantern string lights with miniature globes to oversized styles that make a big statement. Choosing which size lantern to use really comes down to two things - the ceiling height in your venue and your personal preferences. In low-ceiling spaces, you'll want to either choose more compact options or shorten the wiring to ensure that they don't dip too low into guests' headspace. You can use paper lanterns for weddings in order to dress up barns, wedding tents and backyards. For an extra-intriguing pop, consider alternating lantern sizes and textures.

Consideration No. 3: Colors

Paper lanterns come in just about every color and pattern under the sun. For example, you can complement your wedding decorations with paper lanterns in solid colors, or opt for a show-stopping patterned scheme for something a bit exciting. For a classic wedding feel, you can decorate with lace paper lanterns or choose metallic paper lanterns for a pop of big-time glitz and glam. We also have glitter paper lanterns, polka-dot paper lanterns, chevron print paper lanterns and animal print styles at Paper Lantern Store. For a tasteful way to incorporate a patterned style, consider alternating between bold patterns and solid colors throughout your venue.

Consideration No. 4: Complementing Decor

What goes with paper lanterns? Everything! We highly recommend incorporating some stylish yet versatile string lights into your wedding decor if you're working with challenging spaces that don't offer much incorporated lighting. These plug-in luminaires can be used to add brightness and style while highlighting trees, fences, canopies and other architectural features. To complement the texture and whimsical feel of paper lanterns, you can also incorporate some stylish paper umbrellas throughout your decor. You can further your theme by creating your own paper lantern centerpieces to adorn guests' tables.