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2022 Wedding Season has Arrived

2022 Wedding Season has Arrived

Curious to see what wedding decorations trending this year?  See the list below for the Top 3 Wedding and Reception Decorations, PLUS the Top 3 Alternative Wedding Decor now trending.

3) Clear Globe String Lights

Whether your wedding reception is inside a large tent, at a lakeside resort, or a small backyard gathering, string lights are essential for celebrations lasting through the evening.

clear string lights

3b) Colored String Lights

Want something a little more festive to match your style?  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, colored LED String Lights can be used anytime of year.

colored string lights

2) Paper Parasols

Paper Parasols are the ultimate wedding favor to offer guests as they arrive.  Not only do parasols make for fantastic photo ops to match your color scheme, but also provide guests with some shade on a hot sunny day.



2b) Nylon Parasols

Want something with a little more shine?  Nylon Parasols shimmer in the sunlight, creating that extra bit of brilliance on your wedding day.

 nylon parasols

1) Round Paper Lanterns

When paper or nylon lanterns are hanging above, you automatically know it's a special day of celebration.  Nothing creates an atmosphere more magical than hanging paper lanterns.

paper lanterns

1b) Unique Shaped Paper Lanterns

Want something a little more unique?  Unique-shaped lanterns are more whimsical than traditional round lanterns, but are just as stunning when hanging above the dance floor or banquet tables.


beehive paper lanterns


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