Yellow Round Even Ribbing Paper Lanterns

Even on the gloomiest, most overcast day, a dash of bright yellow sunshine can elevate everyone's mood. Whether you are planning an outdoor party or just want to brighten a room in your home, the Yellow Round Even-Ribbing Paper Lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store will let the sun shine in. With a dazzling color that really pops, these yellow paper lanterns will be instant attention-getters and will keep the mood upbeat and happy no matter what the weather.
Affordable and remarkably durable, these lovely Yellow lanterns are available in sizes running from 4 inches to 42 inches. That means you can find just the right size to fit small spaces as well as bigger places, including areas with high ceilings. Besides purchasing these paper lanterns singly, you can also get money-saving multipacks from the Paper Lantern Store that let you save even more over our already low prices.