Violet / Orchid Round Even Ribbing Paper Lanterns

Violets and orchids have a rare natural beauty all their own. The bright purple, violet round even-ribbing paper lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store take their inspiration from these tropical beauties. They will add a special, soothing ambience to any room, outdoor space or social gathering.
We hand-craft these gorgeous round paper lanterns, using bamboo and natural rice paper. Then we hand-dye them to get their unique color just right. Each frame that helps these round lanterns hold their shape includes a C-hook that makes it easy to hang from a ceiling or just about anywhere else. We inspect all of our finished products along with the packaging to ensure top quality. You will find these specially colored round paper lanterns here in sizes running from 8 inches to 24 inches. These options give you lots of latitude to play with design ideas to create a unique and attractive space.