Mix Color Pennant Flag Banners

Flag bunting banners have been popular and trending for parties, weddings, indoor and outdoor decoration for a period of time now.
Choose a classic and attractive décor option for your next birthday party, family reunion, baby shower or wedding with mixed color pennant bunting flag banners from the Paper Lantern Store. These flag banners feature triangular flags attached to long strings to form a banner. Each one features a different pattern or color to create a visually pleasing effect. These banners are lovely to hang from any wall and look especially attractive when paired with a set of string lights to highlight and offset their bold colors and patterns.

These mixed color pennant bunting flag banners for parties from the Paper Lantern Store come in a wide variety of different colors and patterns. There are chalkboard sign flag banners, which allow you or your guests to write and draw on each flag with chalk. There is a Fourth of July-themed banner that features red, white and blue designs. There are burlap flag signs which feature Christmas colors. There are also an entire range of colors in the mixed pattern triangle flag bunting banners. These pennant banners are high-quality, trendy and offered at a guaranteed low price. Order yours today.