Tissue Paper Flower Rosette Fan Decorations

Similar to pom poms, flower rosette fans offer the same charm and burst of color but in a flat design.
Using them couldn't be simpler. They come flat, but easily fold open like a fan, making them ready to use in seconds. Hanging tissue fans are a popular choice among party planners and decorators for their ease of use, versatility and affordability. Our tissue paper flower rosette pinwheel fan decorations come in 8" or 12" diameter sizes and in a spectrum of colors allowing you to mix-and-match them to create eye-catching Décor. Paper rosette pinwheels make a striking backdrop for a dessert table or for taking photos; tape varying sizes of fans in complementary colors in a cluster on a wall. They instantly add depth and texture. We also love how they look when you string them together to make a garland or hang them at varying heights from a ceiling. Select different colors and sizes and hang them with bakers twine, fishing line, or ribbon. For a fun, festive atmosphere, you can never go wrong when you decorate any venue with our flower rosette fans.