Solid Color 5 Point Star Lanterns

Star paper lanterns originated in India and are used during the Hindu Diwali festival of lights and at other celebrations around the world.
A star-shaped paper lantern is also used in the Philippines at Christmas time, and it is called a parol. At Paper Lantern Store, we continue this proud tradition with our solid color 5-point star lanterns. These exquisite star paper lanterns are lit from within with a glowing light (up to 40 watts) and hung from a ceiling hook. The cutout pattern in each star lantern allows a pattern of light to be cast out onto the ceiling and walls, creating a magical space. These lanterns can instantly transform the mood of a room. We offer these low-priced star lanterns in a wide variety of colors, including fuchsia, copper, gold foil, glossy white with an inner rainbow, green batik and silver. We also have hologram cut-out paper star lanterns and embroidery paper star lanterns. At 24 inches wide, these stunning stars provide unique wedding reception decorations, and they can also be used for any type of special event, celebration or to create a romantic setting in your home. Paper Lantern Store is your number 1 source for all your paper lanterns and supplies, in addition to party decorations, lights, table top décor and wedding décor. We offer low prices, fast shipping and unsurpassed customer service.