Royal Purple

During parts of the Roman Empire, emperors were the only ones allowed to wear purple; if any citizen dared to wear this rich hue, they risked being put to death! Luckily, this restriction has long been lifted and you don't have to have royal blood to enjoy purple. Whether you're throwing a birthday bash for a child who loves purple, are having a purple-themed wedding, or want to infuse a few purple touches into a tea party, we have all the lilac, violet and dark purple decorations you need to create the perfect party scape. From pom poms and paper parasols, to LED string lights, organza ribbon lights, hand fans, and dark purple paper lanterns, we have it all. Adorn ceilings with hanging paper lanterns and fluffy pom poms, wrap chairs in organza ribbon, sprinkle tables with confetti and more. You have endless options. All of our purple decorative accents are quality-made from long-lasting materials, giving you the flexibility to use many items again and again.