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BLOWOUT Submersible LED 13-Color Waterproof Floral Vase Lights w/ Remote Controls (RGB) (4 Pack)

Submersible LED 13-Color Waterproof Floral Flower Vase Light Base Discs w/ Remote Controls (RGB) (4 Pack)

Need to illuminate your floral decorations with color? PaperLanternStore's 13-color waterproof LED vase container lights are fully submersible and controlled with the included wireless remote. Each fairy nest can stay under water and comes in a pack of 4 discs and 2 remotes with each disc being only 2.75" wide and less than 1" thick. Our lighting base is perfect for flowers at Wedding Receptions, Table Decor, flower centerpieces, glass vases, whimsy cocktail glass decorations filled with gem stones, and much more! Place vase light at the bottom of container or vase and fill with gem stones or other filler material to create a whimsy show piece on each banquet table. This RGB version provides ultimate control over the 13 colors, the on/off function, brightness intensity, and fade/jump behaviors. Three AAA batteries power its 10 super-bright LEDs and with its versatile design, the possible uses are only limited by your imagination!

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 2.75" wide and less than 1" Thick.
Colors: 13 Individual Colors.
Waterproof / Submersible?: Yes, fully waterproof. (Remote is not.)
Remote Functions: 13-Colors, On/Off, Fade, Jump, Brightness, Reset.
Package Includes: 4x Vase Light Bases + 4 Wireless Remote Controls. Each Remote can control multiple Vase Lights.
Batteries: Each Vase Light uses 3x AAA batteries, which are not included. Each remote use 2x AG10 cell batteries, which are included.
Does it Sink?: Yes, we recommend installing 3x AAA alkaline batteries to ensure the vase light sinks to the bottom of container. You can install lighter copper-zinc batteries if you want the vase light to float.


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