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BLOWOUT 4" Solar Powered Mosaic Multi-Color Swirl Glass Tea LED Table Light, Battery Operated

This amazing Solar powered LED table light is made of hundreds of pieces of cut glass in a mosaic pattern surrounding a full glass container. Your guests will love the light patterns and reflections this mosaic light decoration creates on your table, patio deck or landscape. With the built-in battery, solar panel, and light sensor, this LED tea light is the perfect decorative accent for your next Wedding, Birthday Event or Celebration. The removable LED lid light has an automattic light sensor to turn on automattically when dark and a choice between a bright solid LED and a beautiful color-changing LED which gradually switches between different colors. The lid will sit securely on the rim of the mosaic via a weatherproof rubber gasket which also helps to prevent unwanted elements from getting inside.

Product Specifications:
Materials: Colored-glass pieces surrounding clear glass container. Solar LED lid light is brushed metal cover with internal plastic housing.
Shape: Round.
Color: Red, Yellow and Blue Glass in a swirl pattern with brushed metal Solar Lid Light.
Dimensions: Overall: 4.5 " Width x 4.1 " Height. Glass container has 3" opening allowing you to place other objects inside.
Functions of Solar LED Lid Light:

  • Light Sensor - Auto-On when it gets dark. Auto-Off during day - will conserve energy when in bright sunlight by turning unit off.
  • Solar panel will charge built-in rechargeable battery.
  • Solar table light can stay on for about 8 to 10 hours on a full charge.
  • Bright Solid White LED Mode
  • Color-Changing LED Mode - Gradually changes between colors
  • Off Mode - Will still charge in this mode.
  • Weatherproof gasket helps secure LED Lid Light to mosaic and help prevent unwanted elements from getting inside.
*Please Note: Since this is a Hand-Made item, imperfections with the cut glass tiles their arrangements are normal.


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