Clear Diamond Gemstones Acrylic Crystal Wedding Table Scatter Confetti Vase Filler (3/4 lb Bag)

Clear Diamond Decorative Acrylic Gemstones

Our acrylic gemstones are to add aesthetic appeal to your decorations. You can simply scatter them on the ground to create a path or scatter them on the table to accentuate an important station. You may also use these in vases as fillers and submerged them under water. Our loose acrylic diamond stones are perfect decorative gemstones. They are beautifully colored gems that come in various colors. This diamond stone bag has a mixture of medium and large size diamonds. The medium size diamonds is about 3/4 of the bag, and 1/4 of the bag is large size diamonds. Visit our table decor and find numerous items to match your acrylic gemstones.

Product Specifications:

Color: Clear Diamond.
Weight: 3/4 LB Bag.


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