Polka Dot Pattern Paper Parasol Umbrellas

Fun and flirty, polka dot patterns can cheer everyone up even on a cloudy day. Under a blazing sun, they can supercharge the happy feelings while shading faces from the sun. Here at the Paper Lantern Store, we carry an amazing variety of Polka Dot Pattern Parasols & Paper Umbrellas. Available in many bright colors, these not only make great fashion accessories. They are perfect party favors for birthday bashes and work well at weddings, baby showers and other get-togethers too. Heck, these parasols are so much fun and so inexpensive that you might just decide to throw a polka dot party.
Whether you are looking for a pink polka dot umbrella or something a bit more subdued, like a turquoise polka dot parasol, you will find it here. Our discount prices on these good-looking accessories make them even more attractive. Trendy and splashy, our polka dot parasols also serve the serious purpose of protecting you and your guests from the sun on hot days.