Premium Nylon Parasol Umbrellas - Solid Colors

If you are looking for a fashion accessory, party favor or decorative item, nylon parasols are a great choice. They are a little bit tougher than paper umbrellas but equally inexpensive and every bit as beautiful. These lovely nylon umbrellas are great for events such as wedding receptions, baby showers and birthday parties where you want to add an old-fashioned touch of class.
The Paper Lantern Store carries Premium Nylon Parasols/Umbrellas in a variety of sizes and solid colors, making it easy for you to match any design theme, decor or clothing. You can get a nylon parasol in a basic color like white or beige that will match practically anything. Or kick the color up a notch with a blue parasol or one of our pink garden umbrellas. If you really want to get noticed, we even have parasols in hot pink and neon green. Our nylon parasols are available in a variety of sizes, including items with a 32-inch diameter perfect for adults and 28-inchers ideal for the younger set.