Net Lights

Love the glow of holiday lights but hate the hassle of hanging them?
We understand! That's why we offer convenient, easy to use net lights. As the name implies, net lights consist of row after row of mini lights that are evenly spaced for a net-like effect. Using them couldn't be simpler; they come ready to hang and can be quickly draped over shrubs, bushes, topiaries and other structures for instant holiday cheer. While your neighbors are outside for hours stringing their lights, you'll be in and out of the cold much faster. Thanks to your net lights you can cover large areas in minutes rather than hours. For your convenience, our net lights are available in extra-long 2x12FT, long 2x8FT, or more rectangular 4x6FT dimensions. In addition to being able to choose from white or colorful bulb lights, you can select the color of the wiring - white, green or brown - to ensure your net lights blend seamlessly into their surroundings.