Metal Pail Buckets

Small metal pails might not seem like anything festive on the face of it, but they're actually great for your next birthday party, candy buffet table, reception, or banquet.
That's because the ones here at Paper Lantern Store are painted white, pink, and blue, so they make a wonderful addition for your refreshment table, or even as a party favor. Fill it with some combination of candy and party souvenirs, making for an added remembrance. These small metal buckets with handle measure 4.25" high, with the handle 2.25" high, so you'll get both cuteness and practicality. What's more, our reasonable prices will ensure you won't have to break the bank. As you eye our selection, be sure to also check other decorations in such categories as Paper Flowers and Paper Lanterns, as well as Twine/String. This will go a long way toward further complementing your chosen metal pail bucket. At Paper Lantern Store, we're all about helping you make memories. We welcome both your questions and post-order feedback. Be sure to check us often for new products, because we always endeavor to give you the latest as well as the best.