Orange Round Even Ribbing Paper Lanterns

The Orange Round Even-Ribbing Paper Lanterns available from the Paper Lantern Store offer a burst of color that dares to be noticed. These hand-dyed orange party lanterns are naturals for fall holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, of course. But our orange round lanterns are so bright and cheery that you'll want to use them for any festive occasion or just to lighten up a somber space.
Available in a big variety of sizes running from 4 inches to 42 inches, these lanterns come with classic even-wire ribbing that makes them look neat and attractive and helps them keep their round shape. The choice of sizes gives you the freedom to suit any space. Use just one size or mix different sizes for a little creativity. Contrast these bright paper globes with other colors to add even more interest. We hand-craft our affordable paper lanterns, so you can benefit from our quality craftsmanship as well as our low prices.