Lemon Yellow Chiffon Round Even Ribbing Paper Lanterns

Cheery and bright, lemon and yellow can add zest to any get-together. This wonderful color combination is also an excellent way to brighten a room. At the Paper Lantern Store, we carry a wide array of Lemon Yellow Chiffon Round Even-Ribbing Paper Lanterns. These good-looking lanterns are available in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 24 inches, giving you many options for decorating practically any space.
Our round lanterns have a softer, subtler color that is not glaring. Many customers choose them to decorate wedding events and other social gatherings that require a light and bright but not overwhelming color scheme. The classic even wire ribbing of these glamorous globes gives them an eye-pleasing geometric look and makes them easy to handle. A cinch to assemble, these lanterns can be hung by their included C-hooks from a light string, a piece of monofilament or a hook in the ceiling. You can easily illuminate these paper lanterns with our lantern LED light kits. Alternatively, you can hang them from our patio string lights and cords to give a warm and inviting look to your patio or lanai.