Lace / Crochet Doilies

If you're dressing up a table for special guests or for a more formal occasion, you know you can't go without doilies.

This is our gold foil doilies. Beautiful and imitates the "lace" designs. These metallic colored doilies are made from paper and have a gold foil face. Add sparkle to your everyday table with our gold foil doilies, create your own DIY craft projects with our gold foil doilies. Please take a look at our photos and see how we use these traditional doilies to create elegant wedding items.

Product Features:
Attractive and elegant 8.5" Gold round doilies
Quantity: 50x gold doilies. (Comes machine pressed/cut in stacks of fifty so you will just have to separate each doily before use. There is small tab on each doily to assist in separating each layer.)

  • Gold foil face
  • Lace design
  • Disposable and no cleanup
  • Budget friendly

Create your own Gold Doilies Flower Ball Paper Lantern Video