Grass Green Round Even Ribbing Paper Lanterns

Who can forget the smell of fresh-cut grass and the warm, soft and inviting natural carpet a newly mowed lawn offers? The Grass Green Round Even-Ribbing Paper Lanterns from the Paper Lantern Store will evoke these feelings among friends, family and guests no matter what the season. These lanterns are perfect for lighting up a summer garden or lawn party. But they work just as well to liven up rooms or practically any other space during the dead of winter, reminding all who enter that spring is not far away.
Available in sizes ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches, these green paper lanterns are as sturdy as they are attractive. They are easy to set up and just as easy to fold and store when you don't need them. Wherever you display these light green paper lanterns, they will provide a welcoming beacon to all who see them.